Entering Data

1. Click into “Login“, then enter your user name and password.

2. Use the “File Administration“ area to decide if you want to enter a new product, a document, a new promotion or latest news.

3. Entering a Product:

  • Use appropriate care when entering the data for a product.
  • Select a desired assignment from the menu (e.g. Product Type → Urban Mapping).
  • Click onto “Browse...“ to load a thumbnail of max. 100x100 pixel size in JPG, GIF or PNG format from your harddrive.
  • Click onto “Browse...“ to load a description in PDF file format from your harddrive.
  • Click onto “NEXT“ to load up an image
    (all PopUp blockers in your Browser setups must be off for this action).
  • While the image is being uploaded, you can already type in a new product. Important: Do not close the PopUp window before uploading has finished.

4. Uploading a Document:

  • Use the various menu tools to select the data that correspond to a desired document, then click onto “Browse...“ to load the given PDF file from your harddrive to the server.

5. Promotion & News:
Enter the particular data. Then load an image with a maximum size of 250x250 pixels
in JPG, GIF or PNG format onto the server. To make your news appear on the homepage of epidemio.info, just click the “Quicknews“ box.

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