Page Setup & Operating Structure

1. Project Description
Contains information about the Epidemio project.

2. Products
Contains information about the various products of the Epidemio project with options for downloading an image and a PDF file.

  • Click “Products“ to have all available products displayed.
  • Select a product group in the navigation bar to display the products of this group
    (e.g. “Urban Mapping“).

3. Documents
Contains important information, manuals and other documents relating to the Epidemio project.

  • Click “Documents“ to have all available documents displayed.
  • Select a desired button in the navigation bar for access to related information items
    (e.g. “Reports“).

4. News & Information
Contains latest project news, question and response items, and the imprint.

5. Search

  • Click “Search“ to search within products or documents.
  • Choose “Search in Products“ or “Search in Documents“ for this purpose.
  • Click onto “Search“ in the specified search area for output of all products or documents, or specify your search by typing in certain data you want contained in products or documents.

6. Forum
Your personal registration is required for participation in the forum.

  • To do this, click onto “Register“, then enter your e-mail address and your first and family name. Having clicked onto “Send“, you will be assigned your Epidemio password via e-mail.
  • You can use this password to log on to the forum.
  • Click “New Topic“ to open a new topic, or “Post Reply“ within a given topic to respond to a particular contribution.
  • Click “My Account“ to change your password.

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