Height Maps of Niger available for download

The height maps of the different test areas in Niger are now available on the server for public validation.

Luanda Map for combat against Marburg virus

Urban Maps of Luanda and Lusaka are ready for download
The Luanda Map will be of great help to WHO with the recent outbreak of Marburg virus in Angola - a small... MORE

Rush Dust Maps

Rush products of Wind Blown Sahelian Dust Maps until April 2005 are ready for download

Dust Maps - Rush Products uploaded

Rush Products of Wind Blown Dust Maps from October 2004 to November 2005 are ready for download. According the User needs the data will be delivered in a changed format... MORE

PVAR is ready

PVAR (Preliminary Validation and Assessment report) and the updates of TS (Technical specification) and DJF (Design Justification File) are ready and will be published as soon as ESA has accepted the reports

Workshop presentation

All project team presentations from the Paris workshop are ready for download

All Prototypes uploaded

All prototypes are ready for download:

- Urban Maps of Casablanca and Ouagadoudou
- DEM of Madagascar
- Water Body Map of Mali/Bukina... MORE

First DEM available

DEM of Madagacar is available now on the Product/DEM site

Dust Maps available

First weekly Dust Maps of Sahel available

The maps cover a time frame of 4 weeks in February 2004

Workshop I

Date: December 8th
Location ESA/HQ Paris
Agenda see "Promotion"