2006-07-03 | Workshop

Final Agenada workshop Frascat

Please find here the final agenda for the "Earth Observation in Epidemiology" workshop (ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, 8-10 March).

Earth Observation in Epidemiology Workshop

8-10 March 2006, ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy


Wednesday 8th March, 16:00 - 17:30
[15:30 - 16:00 Registration and Coffee]
16:00 "Welcome", Simon Pinnock, ESA-ESRIN, Italy
16:10 ?Introduction / Overview and Status of the EPIDEMIO project?, Kathrin Weise, Jena-Optronik, Germany
16:50 "ESA Earth Observation Programme and How to get Data", Simon Pinnock, ESA/ESRIN, Italy
17:30 [Cocktail]
Thursday 9th March, 09:30 - 18:30
[09:00 - 09:30 Registration]

Earth Observation supporting Human Health (Part I)
Cartography and Urban Mapping
9:30 "EPIDEMIO: SPOT5 data for Urban Mapping - Methods and results for cities in Africa" Sherry McHugh, C-Core, Canada
9:50 ?Vulnerability Assessment of the Megacity Istanbul with Remote Sensing and GIS?, Achim Roth, DLR, Germany
10:10 ?EPIDEMIO: Digital Elevation Maps ? Stereo and Interferometrical height maps for test sites in Africa? Andreas Wiesmann, Gamma Remote Sensing, Switzerland
10:30 "Respond: Cartography and Mapping in the ESA GMES Service Element for Humanitarian Aid", Herbert Hansen (Keyobs)
11:00 [Coffe]
11:30 ?Breeding sites of malaria vectors - ground truth in two urban settings of Sub-saharan Africa?, Stefan Dongus und Barbara Matthys, STI Switzerland
12:10 ?Projection of in field data on satellite images?, J.-P. Meert, WHO Geneva, Switzerland [tbc]
Land Cover
12:20 ?EPIDEMIO: Water body maps ? mapping water bodies in Africa, methodology and results?, Andreas Wiesmann, Gamma Remote Sensing, Switzerland
12:40 ?EPIDEMIO: Land cover mapping and monitoring, potential and limitations of MERIS, Landsat and ENVISAT data in tropical rainforest areas?, Florian Siegert, RSS, Germany
13:00 [Lunch]
14:00 ?Characterization of environmental conditions of Ebola outbreaks in Gabon and Congo: remote sensing data provide clues information?, Ghislain Moussavou, CIRMF, Gabon
14:20 ?EPIDEMIO: Land cover change mapping for test sites in Ethiopia?, Florian Siegert, RSS, Germany
14:40 ?Remote Sensing data contribution for epidemiological studies in rural and urban areas: Examples of Lagdo Lake (North Cameroon) and Niamey city (Niger)?, Jacob Kouam?, University LaValle, France / Cote d'Ivoire
Disease and Environmental Factors
15:00 ?Increase in incidence of Mycobacterium ulcerans infection ('Buruli ulcer') and environmental changes?, Gerd Pluschke, Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland
15:30 [Coffee]
16:00 ?Temporo-spatial clustering and infection dynamics of malaria parasites in the Ashanti Region, Ghana?, J?rgen May, Bernhardt Nocht Institute Hamburg, Germany
16:30 ?Linking remote sensing and disease data using spatial statistical methods - application for Schistisomiasis and malaria risk mapping?, Penelope Vernatsou, Swiss Tropical Institute, Switzerland
17:00 ?Environmental risk factors and Schistosomiasis: application in Ihosy district,Madagascar", Rindra Randremanana, Pasteur, Madagascar
17:30 ?Spatio - temporal impact of environmental factors and landscape components on malaria vectors in South East Asia?, Val?rie Obsomer, Prince Leopold Institute for Tropical Medicine, Belgium
Aude de Clercq, Giuseppe Ottavianelli, HISTAR Solutions, Netherlands

Friday 10th March, 09:30 - 13:00

Earth Observation supporting Human Health (Part II)
Disease, Meteorology and Climate
9:30 ?EPIDEMIO: Wind Blown Dust Map for Meningitis risk areas in Africa?, Christelle Barbey, Silogic, France
9:50 ?Use of dust maps for meningitis surveillance and factor analysis: preliminary results", Isabelle Jeanne, CERMES, Niger
10:20 ?Climate and meningitis outbreaks in West Africa?, Pascal Yaka, CNRS, Paris / Burkina Faso?
10:40 ?EPIDEMIO: Mapping Land Surface Temperature for Malaria epidemics in Africa?, Christelle Barbey, Silogic, France
11:00 [Coffee]
11:30 ?EPSAT-SG a method for fine scale rainfall estimation?, Jean Claude Berg?s, Universit? Paris, Department: PRODIG, France
11:50 ?Use of Remote Sensing for Monitoring Climate Variability for Integrated Malaria Early Warning Systems?, Pietro Ceccato, Columbia University International Research Institute for Climate and Society, USA
12:10 "GEO objectives and Tasks planned for 2006/7", Guy Duchossois, GEO Secretariat,WMO, Switzerland
12:30 "Future ESA Earth Observation Satellites" Simon Pinnock, ESA/ESRIN, Italy
Discussion and Conclusions
Round-table and wrap-up

[End of Meeting]

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